"Has the head of a roaring lion as his shield. This unique robot changes into a mighty lion, a super robot and a space age vehicle!" Daltanius is a great toy. His three pieces are each quite unique in their separate forms. His weight is pretty good although Velarios (the lion) is almost all plastic. Daltanius is also blessed with a huge arsenal of weapons and missiles.


The Godaikin Daltanius was originally sold in Japan as the DX Daltanius toy. You could buy this toy in one box or in 3 separate boxes for Velarois, Atlaus and Gunper. The toy was sold in only the one large box with the handle under the Godaikin name. There was also a Japanese DX version which was all black.

Daltanius Box

Inner Cover

Toy in Foam

Robot Form

Height: 11"

Toy and Accessories:
1-Daltanius, 1-Atlaus, 1-Velarios, 1-Gunper, 1-Thunder Bow, 1-Fire Flame Sword, 1-Delfighter Head Gear, 1-Trans Saber, 1-Shredder Sleeve, 1-Boomerrang Cutter, 1-Gunper Connector, 2-Trans Shields, 2-Big Punch, 2-Small Hands, 2-Power Hands, 2-Double Drills, 4-Large Missiles, and 15-small Missiles

Side View

Group Photo


Lesser Forms







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