Voltes V


"A pillar of Strength and energy, which can be transformed into five assorted military machines, or, one giant space age tank." Voltes V is a fantastic toy. He is very heavy with die-cast metal. He is taller than Combattra and many considered him more well proportioned. The similarities between Combattra and Voltes V are undeniable, yet I still believe Combattra is the superior toy. Voltes V does have a Sword though!


The Godaikin Voltes V was originally sold in Japan as the DX Voltes-V toy. You could buy this toy in one box as the Volt in a Box or in its 5 separate components. The toy was sold in only the one large box with the handle under the Godaikin name. For some reason every Voltes V toy I have seen has had a mismatch between the foam holding the toys and the see-through inner lid (see inner cover picture). If anyone has a picture of a correctly matched one please send me a pic.

Voltes Box

Inner Cover

Toy in Foam

Robot Form

Height: 13"

Toy and Accessories:
1-Voltes V, 1-Crewzer I, 1-Bomber II, 1-Panzer III, 1-Frigate IV, 1-Lander V, 1-Big V Sword, 1-Ice Sword, 1-Super Spinner, 1-Bomber Drill, 1-Bomber Jet Booster, 2-Energy Pipes, 4-Antennae, and 30 Assorted Missiles.

Side View

Crewzer I

Frigate IV

Vehicle Forms

Bomber II

Lander V


The Godaikin Box Handle!

Panzer III




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